Jenny, Antti and Teemu met with Jarmo from Volume some days ago. You can read the whole interview here:

“Psalms for the Dead Sunin tuore debyyttialbumi Holy Charade on yhdistelmä leijuvaa melankolisuutta, raskasta kitaralanausta ja sävykästä naislaulua.”



“Metal from Finland”-compilation

PsalmsCrew is amazed and thankful! Cheers! /Jenny

Metal From Finland

Who could possibly resist this artwork? Who could possibly resist this artwork?

“Metal from Finland” is a compilation album containing two CDs and no less than 26 songs of 26 different Finnish metal and rock bands. This is not a compilation of the greatest and most famous Finnish bands, but rather a compilation of bands on the rise. The album has come into existence through collaboration between Outlanders Production and Metal from Finland.

I want to start with saying that it is quite difficult to review an album with 26 different bands, so this will perhaps not have the form of a regular review. Obviously, I cannot write about all of the bands contributing to this collection, but I will try to provide you with some general thoughts and impressions of the album. I will not rate it in numbers, because I do not think that that is applicable on this type of an album.


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